With just a high-resolution camera and a GPS, drones are already powerful Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. If they come equipped with software applications, they even prove more powerful because they can aid the collection of more accurate data. And also help companies and individuals optimize their productivity and workflow.The use of drones has gone beyond serving to capture beautiful and fun images from an aerial view. There are various other features that help people advance their businesses and industries.

One of such software programshas the ability to connect to Google Earth to locate precise positions, retrieve real time images and to calculate time.Flight planning would also be much easier with satellite images available on Google Earth. You would not need serial data connection to load your planned flights to your unmanned aerial vehicle. And you can repeat the routes you’ve saved previously as often as you want, saving you loads of time and effort.Another interesting feature that will appeal to many pilots and drone users is the ability to interface with flight simulator software that are available on PC to create a UAV simulator.We will show you here how UAV software help to make UAVs exceedingly powerful and productive.


Precise Positioning

Drone machines have limited battery life. This is why drones that have GPS are more endeared to users. These types of drones needs accurate positioning to stream data in real time that are correct, fast and error-free. This software program helps users to get their precise locations and their perfect images. Its interface is easy to use and user-friendly.The software allows you to import maps from Google Earth and other maps sites into it which you can use later. You can also track the route of your aircraft to know exactly the paths it will take.

Flight Planning

Drone pilots can program their flight plans before hand to save time and improve productivity. They achieve this with a software app that comes with specific drones or quadcopters. The pilot uses this software to store his planned flights by clicking his destination on Google Map. He commands the mission by simply using a drop-down menu provided on the software. The software’s interface is also easy to use and user-friendly. Pilots also use the flight planning app to program a drone to take off on its own and to repeat a circular pattern around a specific point on the map.Pilots also use data telemetry to change the course of a drone or to upload a different flight plan altogether for a drone that is already in air.Incase you don’t want to use the flight planning feature on your drone, you can as well give instructions to your drone in air by transferring data via telemetry using your software program.All you need do is click their new destination on the map and the drone will automatically change its course.You see! You can go wherever you want using a real-time drone flying feature.

Flight Data Analysis

Modern drones have a flight data recorder. This records the different variables and status information of the flight to be used at a later time to improve flight problems and correct errors.A software program that understands the language that the data was collected with, is used to decode the recorded data and convert it to readable form.This information is stored on SD cards that come with the drone. When the flight is over, the data is then collected and transferred to a computer or a mobile device for analysis.This has helped to prevent future flights from encountering past errors or to quickly overcome those errors or mistakes if they do.Other statistical analysis can also be done using this data to achieve other objectives, including extending flight ranges.

Recording And Visualizing Telemetric Data

Data collected with data telemetry in a drone flight can be visualized using a UAV software app. Different parameters recorded during the flight are demonstrated in easy-to-read line diagrams to the user. The reader can easily differentiate between different parameters that have been recorded by the app since these parameters appear as graphics on the app.All the user needs to do is to launch the program and learn the tools and options available by exploring its user interface.And if you find anything not clear, refer to the manual. The drone manual is a complete guide with detailed documentations.There are different models of drones and microdrones from different companies. We advise you get the appropriate software app for your drone.In conclusion, before you purchase your drone, check its specifications. Make sure it is compatible with its software app and your mobile app. Most Android devices now include software programs that are can be used to interpret data from modern drones.If you have any issues with your drone, contact your manufacturer’s support desk. They will get the error fixed. Have a wonderful exploring with your drone!

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